Unique Present Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

These days, more and more people are involved in long distance relationships. It’s becoming increasingly important to spice things up and remind that special someone that you’re thinking of him or her. Though they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, nice and thoughtful presents to your long distance lover are sure to make the heart grow fonder! Surprise your special someone, whether he or she is 200 miles away, or 2000, with one of the unique long distance relationship gift ideas listed below. These gift ideas are sure to bring smiles and love across the miles!

Personalized Telegram:

Back before we relied so much on Smart Phones and the Internet to talk to our loved ones, people had to wait days, even months, to hear from their heart’s desire. The telegram became that form of communication. Telegrams can still be sent today with various online sites like Telegram Stop. Simply fill out what you want the telegram to say, and it’s sent snail-mail to your loved one. A personalized telegram is the perfect timeless gift that’s both unique and affordable.

Tangible Comfort Gifts:

There’s something about tangible gifts that make someone feel extra special. From a “boyfriend pillow” (think a normal pillow wearing a man’s shirt) that can take your place when you’re away from your loved one, to his and her pillow cases, there are endless gifts on the market today catered specifically for those in long distance relationships.

Personalized Gifts:

Want to tell that special someone all of the reasons you love them? You can do that with a personalized love book. Or how about sending a personalized message in a bottle or fortune cookie declaring your love? There are even personalized pillows that help to celebrate your cross-country love by customizing the pillow to connect the two cities you each live in (even if it’s across the world!). Personalized gifts are a great way to get creative and express yourself all while putting a smile on that special someone’s face.

Name a Star:

When we look up at the night sky, no matter where we are in the world, we see the same thing; the moon, the big and little dipper, and billions of stars. Here’s your chance to name a star after the person you care about. A great gift for Long Distance relationships, you could be in NYC and your loved one in Bangkok and you’ll still both be able to look up and see the same star. This is the ultimate romantic gift for any long distance relationship!

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