Mindfulness and Meditation – Quick and Easy Techniques to Stay Present, Aware, and Relieve Stress

Let’s take a close look at how mindfulness, meditation, and awareness can help you to live in the moment, relax, and help you to release stress and anxiety.

First, ask yourself: Is time slipping by without you noticing? Do you look back after days, weeks, even months and ask yourself what happened to the time? For some of us, years slip by without even knowing what happened. You ask, how did I get here? If this is you, you’re not alone. Most of us have great difficulty living in the present, in the moment.

Have you ever had the experience of driving in your car and suddenly you’re at your destination. It was as if you were on automatic pilot. Your mind was thinking of other things, either things that already happened to you or something in the near or distant future. Where exactly were you as you were driving? You certainly weren’t present, that’s for sure!

Living in the present can be a challenge. You’ve already proven that to yourself. I’d like you do something, right now. As you read this paragraph, focus on the words. Really focus. Experience the act of reading one word at a time. Be mindful of the letters, the space between the words, the sentences, the meaning of what you’re reading.

What was that like for you? What were you feeling? Was it awkward for you? Were you distracted, or in the moment?

Here’s another exercise. You may giggle when you hear it, but go with it. It may give you a whole new way to be in the moment.

As your go through your day, ask yourself: Where’s my rump? Seated on a chair? Leaning on a desk? Walking down the aisle in the grocery store? As silly as it seems, it’s tough not to be in the moment when you’re focused on where your bottom is. Being mindful and learning to get focused and centered doesn’t have to be serious. It’s great to lighten up…and more than once in a while. And if doing this goofy experiment is what it takes to get you to realize what it’s like to live in the moment, it’s worth it.

OK. Now that you’ve tried rump-awareness, let’s get quiet and calm and experience meditation. Meditation is a wonderfully simple and easy mindfulness exercise to help you stay present and focused. There are so many uses for mindfulness exercises–to relieve stress and anxiety, to tap into your higher consciousness, to access your creativity and imagination, to get focused on a project to completion, to end procrastination, and to still the mind to allow feelings of inner peace and calm to wrap you like a warm blanket. These are just a few things meditation and mindfulness can help you achieve.

It all starts with the most basic of life’s functions. The breath. Like the rump-awareness exercise you just did, let’s focus on the breath. Stand or sit, it doesn’t matter. Simply become aware of your breath. Draw in a deep breath. Feel the air as it enters your nostrils. Is it cool? Warm? Notice as the air passes to the back of your mouth, down your throat, past your esophagus, and into your lungs. Feel the lungs fill with a fresh breath. Allow your lungs to expand. Hold. Now slowly exhale, pushing out the breath. Do it again. Take in another deep breath. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you become centered and focused in the moment.

So whenever you’re feeling anxious, stressed, scattered, overwhelmed, or need to come back to center, take a minute to meditate. It’s incredible what just a little mindfulness can do for you. This is your time. Don’t let it slip away. Savor it, relish it.

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