Delivering a Presentation – Voice Controlling

It has been a common mistake for most of us – in which we tend to spent too much time in preparing the presentation material content, rather than how we are going to present them.

Our mental preparation on how to deliver our presentation is such a crucial point, especially on how our verbal tone, taking advantage of pause and pitches — presents different phrase of emotion and emphasize which could help the audience easier in understanding which parts are the important points that they should give more attention to.

From the way you pronounce your tone and voice of presentation, audience could figure out if the speaker is being confident or in such unconfident state of mind in presenting his/ her ideas.

The most common problems in presentation voice controlling are:

- Mumbling, unclear words or just bad pronunciation
Exercise Your Clear and Correct Pronunciation — you must have a big heart and be honest to yourself to realize your own true level of pronunciation clarity in presenting your message. Especially for those who use English as a foreign language it’s an obligation to do so, but even though you are native to English, sometime your local dialect or popular slang words could make a different perception for others.

- Forceful entrance voice but fading out ending
Manage your emotion – plan on how you going to distribute your emotions and power throughout the whole presentation time. Prior to certain points, you might required to make a forceful stressing while other points will require you to make a soft deliberation — to get certain kinds of emotional feedback you can expect from audience. Don’t get too much carried away by your emotion when presenting some points which related to own personal experience.

- Soft voice
Take a Breathing Exercise (diaphragm breathing) – take a deeper breath from the diaphragm at the beginning of a phrase to prevent your voice from being too soft and getting a better power of your voice. By practicing diaphragm breathing, you can get a bigger lung capacity to breath, more oxygen intake and longer time to maintain your speech power. Build your confidence and practice your speech as much as possible if your soft voice is coming from the lack of confident in presenting your messages.

- Rapid statements
Insert pitch and pause – many great orators deliver their speech making benefit of using pitch and pause to emphasize their points and giving a greater emotional impression to their audiences. It is better way to avoid an emotional drained and making an impression to audience as if you are just nervous. Although rapid statements are more acceptable in debate contest or bidding auction, it is not recommended in a normal presentation to prevent message-misunderstanding.

- Flat speech
You must avoid a flat and boring presentation, since it will only give the audience the reason to fall asleep and even snoring while you are presenting you ideas. Emphasize to deliver an impressive and with a little theatric presentation by mastering your presentation inside out, sideways and under. Learn when you must give a strong powerful emphasis or soft tone in dramatizing a necessary phrase.

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