4 Sneaky Tricks Expert Negotiators Use To Win Negotiations

Winning a negotiation requires knowledge of some of the tricks expert negotiators use to their advantage during negotiations. These tricks are not at all complex and in fact, are rather easy to grasp. However, when used correctly, they might just tip the scales in your favor. Here are some sneaky tricks that expert negotiators use during negotiations.

1. Express A Visible Reaction To Their Offer

This technique works best if you are up against an opponent who clearly has not done their research and thus, is unaware of their own bargaining position. Once your opponent makes an offer, express your shock and surprise that they have dared to make such an offer. You could say something like: “What was your offer again!?” If they haven’t done their research well, it is likely that they will start to feel uncomfortable and try to justify the price or they could offer an immediate compromise to your demands.

2. Set The Tone Right For Each Negotiation

Setting the right kind of atmosphere for a negotiation is half the battle won. You want your opponent to be in as pleasant a mood as possible for them to agree to most, if not all of your requests. One way to do this would be to have negotiations right after a meal with your opponent.

Having a delicious meal generates positive feelings that might just carry onto the negotiation itself, giving both parties a higher chance of reaching a favorable agreement. In fact, many business deals have been negotiated over food. Such is the effect of food on persuasion that it has even been mentioned by Professor Robert Cialdini in his book about the science of influence.

3. Walk Away With Power

If things just aren’t going your way, it would be better to leave rather than take the existing offer. Sometimes, walking away for now may lead to a better deal in the future. All you need is the discipline to thank your opponent for their time and leave. Do not force yourself into accepting an offer that makes no sense.

4. Look At Their Body Language

Normally, people do not give away their negotiating positions during a negotiation. Doing so would immediately compromise their bargaining power. If you can read body language, you increase your chances of spotting any slip ups they may make that can reveal their negotiating positions to you. For example, if your opponent is saying that he has no need for your product but is tapping his feet and avoiding eye contact as he is speaking, he or she probably needs your product very badly and you can use this to your advantage to charge a higher price.

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